The Timbered Wolf


Permanently pushing forward

February 22, 2017 was officially the beginning of my career as a full time, self employed man. 30 days prior i put in my notice at my job and began to prepare myself to walk away from security & stability, and begin developing the mindset to survive & thrive in an uncomfortable position. 

   "You have to stop accepting the reality of other people and start accepting your own reality"

I decided that my reality is making my way with my own two hands, making my dream become a reality instead of working for someone else to make their dreams become a reality. The Timbered Wolf has been pushing forward, failing forward, for a year, and it was time to take my passion to the next level. 

To any and all who've supported me, whether it be through encouragement or through purchases, thank you - you've brought me to this point. To those that i haven't had the opportunity to work with up to this point, or whose eyes I'm just reaching, i look forward to working with you in the future. Above all, I appreciate those of you who take the time to follow my journey. Now that I've got the time, you'll be hearing from me far more often!

Christopher Dean