The Timbered Wolf



February 4, 2017

Hello, all!

The past few days I've been running a giveaway - most of you saw it on my Instagram. For those who didn't - don't fret! Ill attempt to do a giveaway each month via this blog, so you'll have a chance to be included in all future giveaways! 

The end of January giveaway was the pictured small end grain cutting board. Zebrawood (a personal favorite, and I use it as often as possible) from West Africa, and Sapele from tropical areas of Africa. Names went in the hat this evening, and J. McGann is this months winner! if you could, send me an email at with your address & info, and I'll get this in the mail for you as soon as possible!

For those who didn't win, you're also a winner. I'll be sending out an email with a coupon code for a discount on boards! If you were interested in the one given away, I still have 2 left. I'll leave the link below. Thanks, y'all! 

Christopher Dean

Owner/Maker at The Timbered Wolf, LLC