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Relief Prints: Mother Natures Art & Where It's Taking Us.

Not known by all, and certainly not what the Timbered Wolf, LLC is known for, Relief Prints have been a a personal love that's remained behind the curtain & out of the spotlight up to this point. 2018 began with a slight shift in focus to printmaking, in order to develop new prints faster, at a higher level of quality, and with an exponentially greater diversity. In the constant pursuit of growth, I've been curating select slices of as many species of trees (from around the world!) as possible, in order to create something new - A book! 

If you're currently asking yourself, "what are relief prints?" here's what we're talking about!

                         100 Years Old.      White Oak ,   Quercus Alba  .     Rockville, Virginia, 2018.

                         100 Years Old.     White Oak, Quercus Alba.     Rockville, Virginia, 2018.

Relief printing is printing from a raised image - in this case, a 3 dimensional piece of wood. The process isn't overly complicated, but requires a large investment in time; flattening, sanding, charring, carbon scrubbing/removal, inking, pulling a print. Through the charring & carbon removal process, the softer wood in the tree (Earlywood) is burned away, leaving the harder "rings" (Latewood) of the tree intact. I'm left with a topographical map of the tree, which can then have ink applied. The image above is an example of my work - a relief print pulled from a 100 year old White Oak, Quercus alba. 

                                          What makes them such interesting natural art?!

A natural archive of the world around us, trees, and subsequently their prints, display a lifetime of information - years of fast growth, slow growth, drought, fire, hurricane, blizzard, and physical injury. Each of you reading this (and most of the living world) can find their birth year, graduation year, the year children and siblings were born, etc. The outer rings are the newest, and the center rings are the oldest... can you spot the year you were born, when you got married, when you had children, or your greatest year yet? 



                                                                   The Book.

4 Prints, pulled nearly a year ago as a means of extra income, set the foundation of this project - Loblolly Pine, Eastern Red Cedar, & 2 different Maple Burls. We've now reached well beyond those original 4, welcoming in species from all over North America at this point, from AMAZING friends & donors to this project. The eventual goal is somewhere near 100 species for the book, and here's how far I've gotten!                                                                                                               

Honey Locust, Gleditsia triacanthos                                                                                                                     Osage Orange, Maclura pomifera                                                                                                               Honey Mesquite, Prosopis glandulosa                                                                                                           Bald Cypress, Taxodium distichu                                                                                                           Hemlock, Tsuga canadensis                                                                                                           Hackberry, Celtis Occidentalis                                                                                                    Paulownia, Paulownia tomentos                                                                                                 Sycamore, Platanus occidentali                                                                                                                   Bradford Pear, Pyrus calleryana                                                                                                                        Eastern Black Walnut, Juglans nigra                                                                                                  Pecan, Carya illinoinensi                                                                                                           Persimmon, Diospyros texana

As chunks of wood continue to flow in, and I continue you create prints, I encourage you to follow along via Instagram @TheTimberedWolf! Most prints I work on are shared via my feed & stories! I appreciate the support & encouragement I've received thus far!

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