The Timbered Wolf


Trees carry their own internal fingerprints, much like ours, that is individual and non-reproducible. Growing up in the City, I gathered an appreciative knowledge of the time-old trees of Richmond; Hollywood Cemetery's Sycamore's, The James' Bald Cypresses & Red Cedars, St. John's Walnut trees. Through the years & my travels, I picked up the skills to read their fingerprints & work the material they left behind after death. Now, I get to pull the fingerprints of the giants I grew up with.

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Intro to Tree Relief Printing

In this class, you'll learn how to:                                        

Determine the age of a tree; distinguish between Earlywood & Latewood, identify any major distresses, environmental issues in the trees life. Wood used in this class will be salvaged from a naturally fallen log in the RVA area prior to class.

Learn  the process; I'll walk you through the principles & processes of how I choose & prepare sections of trees for printing. As a hands on class, here's where you'll begin using the tools that I do to clean, prepare, seal, and pull prints!

Pull your own prints; You'll receive 3 sheets of 40" x 30" Stonehenge 280gm Relief Paper (6 possible prints. Together, we'll hone your printing skills using a black or dark green acrylic ink, until you're ready to pull the perfect final print!

Take your prints home; Acrylic ink dries relatively fast, so, you can take your print(s) home with you! we'll apply a fixative so your ink is protected for years to come. Should your print not be dry in time I'll happily, and safely, store your prints until you can pick them up.

Pass it on; That tree that fell down in this years hurricane, the one your family grew up swinging & climbing in? You've now got the knowledge to pull its fingerprint, and the timeline of you & your family life. 

Reserve your class date below, I can't wait to meet you.                     



Relief Print Class

“Reserve My Seat” for the date that works best for you! The week of your class, using the email you supply at checkout, I’ll reach out with details to complete the $100 payment for the class. If possible, purchasing “reserve my seat” and “remainder of fees” simultaneously will allow me to purchase all needed supplies & materials well in advance. After Purchase, I will email you to introduce myself, send address, & touch base! Reservations are non-refundable, but your spot will not be filled. if you last minute can’t make it, let me know & ill get you into a class at a later date!

Please Note: 10 people max per class. As classes fill up, more classes will be added. Please check back for available dates. If you’d like a private 1 on 1, or small group, I can accommodate. Please email me for additional information using “contact” form above.

*Classes may not take 3 hours to complete, some people move quicker than others! if class finishes early, or doesn’t run until 9PM, you’re entirely welcome to stay and continue to pull prints, practice further, ask questions & advice!

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