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For commission inquiries, please use contact form above.I look forward to designing & building your homes next centerpiece.

Chaos Theory: Desk/Medium table

Chaos Theory: Desk/Medium table

from 1,450.00

48”L x 24”W, height is custom & will be chosen to what suits your needs, within parameters of 20”-30”T.

End Grain Chaos of Chechen, Figured Walnut, Maple, White Oak, & Padauk. Please use drop down menu to decide between species of wood for apron & legs - Walnut (darker) or Maple (lighter).

Pleas use drop down menu to decide between inset legs & apron, as pictured with walnut legs, or with flush leg design, as pictured with Maple legs.

Only 25 of this color scheme table will be produced. Each of the 25 will have an acrylic placard stating production number, that it originated in Richmond, Va, my signature, and logo inlaid into the underside of the table.

All tables are built at time of order, and may take up to 30 days to complete, as all parts are incredibly labor intensive & done by hand. I will remain in constant contact with you with progress photo’s, shipping/handling logistics, and for any preference based questions & concerns throughout the build process.

Leg & Apron Species:
Leg & Apron Design:
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