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Silver Maple Round Table

Silver Maple Round Table


This 27" diameter, 22" tall Silver Maple Table closes a chapter of my company's history.

Over the course of early 2019, I had the privilege of using most of a large, urban lived & naturally fallen, salvaged and milled Silver Maple from Richmond, Virginia. From this one tree, I was able to make 2 dining tables, a conference table, a 10 ft desk & matching shelves, along with a few other small client projects. June 1, my company & family relocated from my home city of Richmond to Eugene, Oregon. I was able, fortunately, to bring along the last remaining lumber from this tree that's been such a crucial supporter of the growth of my business. From this Silver Maple's final bits, I decided to build a portfolio piece to showcase it's beauty, as well as a style of build that I don't usually get to make.

Hand rubbed natural finish with Rubio Monocoat Pure, this is all that this tree has left to offer to the world.

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